Development and Sharing: Direction of China’s Outbound Investment

Time:2016-08-04 10:51:28

With the approval of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”), the Seventh China Overseas Investment Fair (“COIFAIR”) was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center on 22 and 23 October 2015. Hosted by the China Overseas Development Association (“CODA”) and co-sponsored by Kerui Group, Manzhouli Irito Logistics Limited, and Zhonghaishenlong Group, the two-day event was attended by numerous Chinese domestic financial institutions including the China Development Bank, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and China Minsheng Bank and attracted the attention of government entities and local and foreign enterprises.

During a keynote speech, NDRC Deputy Director Ning Jizhe averred that in the future, China would promote foreign cooperation to increase production capacity and promote equipment manufacturing. For this purpose, China will focus on infrastructure connectivity, raw material supply for construction, equipment manufacturing/installation, financial services, and the export of talent and technology.
Many foreign officials attended this event and presented investment opportunities and projects on behalf of their respective countries. They were:

1. Boris Titov, Russian presidential plenipotentiary for the rights of entrepreneurs and China-Russia Friendship Committee for Peace and Development Chairman
2. Andrey Denisov, Russian Ambassador to China
3. Maxim Shereykin, Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East
4. Mari Pangestu, the former Minister of Trade of Indonesia
5. Dato' Ong Chong Yi, Minister Counsellor for Economics at the Malaysian Embassy in China
6. Valeriu Triboi, Deputy Minister of Romanian Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourism
7. Daniel Constantin, Romanian Agriculture and Food Minister
8. Gustavo Alberto Martino, Ambassador of Argentina in China
9. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland in China
10. Ju Tianshu, Korea China Economic Association Chairman
11. Libor Secka, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in China
12. Mirosław Gajewski, Polish Director-General of Foreign Services
13. Cecília Szilas, Ambassador of Hungary in China
14. František Dlhopolček, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in China
15. Carmenza Jaramillo, Ambassador of Colombia in China
16. Thit Linn Ohn, Myanmar Ambassador to China
17. Viktor Tanasiichuk, Minister-counsellor of the Ukraine Embassy in China
18. Cherett A Campbell, Jamaican Counsellor to China
19. Igor Prokhotsky, Counsellor of Belarus Embassy in China
20. Sathiane Phouthabandid, Minister Counsellor of the Laotian Embassy in China

This COIFAR saw the attendance of over 7,000 representatives from nearly 2,400 enterprises, financial institutions and investment promotion agencies across the world, and held more than 20 discussions, project matchmakings, special forums and country-specific seminars over the two day period.

This report was prepared by China Overseas Development Association on 16 December 2015.