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The People's Government of Panzhou City-Booth information of the 10th COIFAIR


Booth No.: T1    Country: China
Exhibitor Name: Panzhou Municipal People's Government
Address: No. 1 Fengmingbei Road, Yizi Street, Panzhou City
Tel: 0858-3107169
Fax: 0858-3107169 
Exhibitor Brief:
Panzhou, the west gate of Guizhou, is located at the junction of three provinces—Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Covering an area of 4056 square kilometers, this land is home to 1.2 million people, coming from 29 ethnic minorities.
Panzhou enjoys a comfortable climate and glamorous landscape, where there is no chilly winter and hot summer. The annual average temperature is 15.2°C, and average temperature in summer is 19.7°C. Panzhou City won many honorable titles such as the Most Beautiful Ecological Tourist Destination City in China, regarded as the Hometown of Ancient Ginkgoes.
Rich in natural resources. As more than 20 varieties of mineral resources were discovered in Panzhou such as coal, iron, copper, gold, Panzhou is a key region of producing coal mine in Guizhou Province, even a key region throughout China; meanwhile, it’s an important source of power supply to Guangdong province, and is honored as “The Capital of Coal and Electricity”.
Excellent geographical location. The expressway, high-speed railway and air transportation are well-connected here. It has formed a comprehensive transportation system linking Chengdu-Chongqing District, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta in China and further reaching the ASEAN countries. Therefore, it is very convenient to go north and south, east and west. All makes it an open economic region in inland China, as well as a gathering hub for inland warehousing and large logistics.
Abundant tourism resources. There are more than 100 places of natural scenery in Panzhou city, such as ancient human settlement "Panzhou Great Cave" dating back to about 200,000 to 300,000 years, “Xinmin ichthyosaur fossils” site with a history of about 240 million years, and acres of bamboo sea as well as splendid Wumeng Prairie. 522 tourism resources are yet to be developed.
Friendly Business Environment. Since the 2016 Tuole Forum, Panzhou has established friendly cooperative relations with Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and has successfully promoted cooperation in such fields as building materials and tourism culture, with an amount of about 7.5 billion yuan. Due to its good business environment, it has attracted Foxconn, China Huaneng Group, Gezhouba (Group) Corp., and China DaTang Corportion of Fortune Global 500 and China's top 500 enterprises to settle in and invest. Panzhou city has been topped the first place for consecutive years in Guizhou province in terms of attracting foreign investment.
Mr. Fu Guoxiang, Member of Standing Committee of Liupanshui Municipal Committee of the CPC & Secretary of Panzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC
Mr. Wu Shengwei, Deputy Secretary of Panzhou Municipal Party Committee of the CPC
Mrs. Fan ke, Director of Tourism Bureau of Panzhou City
Mr. Hu Peng, Deputy Director of ASEAN Affairs Office of Panzhou City
Mr. He Hao, Deputy Director of Economic and Information Technology Bureau of Panzhou City
Mr. Yang Mozhang, Deputy Director of Railway Construction Office of Panzhou City
Mr. He Bin, Deputy Director of Agriculture Bureau of Panzhou City
Mr. Han Chao, General Manager of Tourism &Culture Investment Company of Panzhou City
Mr. Han Xin, General Manager of Guizhou Wumeng Plain tourism development company.
Mr. Li Zonghe, Chairman of Guizhou Shenghong technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chen Zhou, Chairman of Panzhou Hongsheng Coking Plant Co., Ltd.
Mr. Fan Pengfei, General Manager of Guizhou ZiSenyuan Group Investment Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shi Bo, Minister of Marketing of Panzhou Shengnong Co., Ltd.
Mr. Luo LIjun, Executive Director of Guizhou Hanfubo Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yuan Yupeng, Deputy General Manager of Panzhou Travel Agency