Secretary-General Mr. HE Zhenwei Gave a Lecture at the Opening-up Training Sessi

Time:2018-12-20 11:41:02

On December 18, upon the occasion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, SHANXI Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau jointly organized the “2018 SHANXI Provincial Opening-up Training Session” in Taiyuan city, and representatives separately from the provincial directed departments, the related municipal (county) governmental sectors, the development zones and partial enterprises all participated actively. CODA’s Secretary-General Mr. HE Zhenwei was invited to attend and gave a lecture themed with “New Opportunities and Challenges in the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative and the International Capacity Cooperation”.
The meeting Scene

Mr. He Zhenwei, Secretary-General of CODA

Mr. Ma Heng, Director of SHANXI Development and Reform Commission

Mr. Wu Dongsheng, Chief of the Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment

The meeting Scene


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