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The US delegation has confirmed to attend the 11th COIFAIR


Commercial Office of the US Embassy to China has organized eleven states delegation to jointly participate in “the 11th China Overseas Investment Fair" held at the Beijing National Convention Center from November 28th to 29th. They warmly welcome Chinese enterprises interested in doing manufacture, third industry, import and export trade in the United States come to the booth for commercial negotiation.
Booth Number: B33 & B34


1.New York, USA
In New York State, the future is already here – fueled by the talent and the resources that are leading companies and smart, dynamic, innovative new businesses to start here, move here and thrive here. It gives students access to free college tuition and creating innovative workforce development programs that give New Yorkers access to 21st century jobs and give companies the skilled workers they need to succeed. It is cultivating industry-university partnerships with top-tier educational institutions to help develop the technologies of tomorrow and to offer opportunities for New York’s college graduates to join diverse workforce – to stay, grow and continue to innovate here.  Come to New York: the state of the future.


2.South Carolina, USA
South Carolina has abundant industrial, scientific and technological strength and efficient labor resources, as well as more than 200 international enterprises and the state with the largest proportion of employees of international companies in the total labor force among all the states in the United States.  South Carolina used to be an agricultural state, with 59% of agricultural income coming from crops and the rest from livestock products.  In the manufacturing industry, the textile industry has an absolute advantage.  There is one of the largest nuclear power plants in the United States on the Savannah River. The advantageous industries are concentrated in automobile manufacturing, aviation industry, biotechnology industry, logistics distribution, machinery manufacturing, plastics, chemical industry, textile, paper making and forestry.


3.North Carolina, USA
North Carolina is located in the center area of the eastern coast of the United States, the transportation is convenient. North Carolina is selected by Forbes as “Best State for Business & Careers” Top 1. And for 13 consecutive years, North Carolina has been the only one ranked in Top 5. The amount of investment in North Carolina from Chinese enterprises comes out top in the United States. At present, the Bank of China, Lenovo, Shuanghui (Smithfield) and many other Chinese enterprises are flourishing in North Carolina.


4.Nebraska, USA
The Nebraska Center China is Nebraska’s business development office in China. Located in Shanghai, the office will be the key place for Chinese companies to find out about doing business in the U.S., and in particular, Nebraska. It will also serve as a resource for Nebraska companies looking to do business with China.


5.Pennsylvania, USA
Pennsylvania is a diverse economy. With the largest unconventional and second largest overall natural gas field in the world, Pennsylvania has an abundance of natural gas and are the second largest natural gas producer in the U.S. In addition to Pennsylvania’s growing energy downstream sector and abundant natural gas resources, Pennsylvania’s plastics industry is rich in resource, know-how, and opportunity. Among other strengths PA is also a leader in the life sciences sector supported by world-class R&D institutions, top-notch universities and incubators, and strategic investments in venture capital, technology, and infrastructure; a robust agribusiness sector best known for dairy products, but equally strong in hardwoods.


6.George, USA
Georgia is one of the seven states in the southeastern United States. Textile and transportation equipment manufacturing (aircraft, ships, cars, trucks, etc.), food processing, paper making and other manufacturing industries are the largest industries in Zodiac, of which textile industry occupies an important position in the economic structure of Zodiac. Among them, the output of broilers, peanuts and pecans ranks first in the country and is also the "hometown of peach trees" in the United States.


7.Illinois, USA
State of Illinois China Office, established in Shanghai, China in October 2000, offers a wide range of programs and services to strengthen trade and business relationship between Illinois and China, to assist Illinois companies especially small and medium enterprises export to China, and to promote foreign direct investment in Illinois. State of Illinois China office is one of the six foreign offices of the Illinois Department of Commerce’s Office of Trade and Investment (OTI), headquartered at Chicago. The OTI strives to raise Illinois’ profile as a global business leader through a network of professionals focusing on improving the state’s economy worldwide.  


8.Idaho, USA
State of Idaho China Office was launch in China in 2006, which is one of the three official international trade offices of the State of Idaho. China remains a top country of interest to Idaho and the market continues to provide additional growth opportunities. China has been one of the top five largest export destinations for Idaho in the past five years. Investment opportunities in Idaho mainly focus on: Hi-Tech and advanced manufacturing, aviation, agriculture and food processing, energy and environmental and creative and leisure industry.


9.Tennessee, USA
Tennessee has become a hot investment destination for Chinese companies. As a commercial center and emerging industrial agglomeration in the United States, 13 Chinese enterprises have successively invested and developed in Tennessee including Wyko Tire Technology Inc、GITI Tire USA、Del-Nat Tire Corp、Copperweld Bimetallic Products Company、Intermodal Bridge Transport and other enterprises. Tennessee has 740 wholly foreign-owned companies from 34 countries with an investment of over 23 billion US dollars.


10. Indiana, USA
The policy environment of India was rated as the second in the United States, and it was the only state with labor rights in the industrial states of the Midwest. The bill gives individual workers the right to decide for themselves whether to support a trade union financially.  Besides, there are many colleges and universities-there are more than 50 colleges and universities of various types, and more than 100 main schools and branch campuses of various types. Most importantly, all roads lead to convenient places all over the world-Indian state is located in the center of the major U.S. markets and can drive up to 80% of the U.S. population in one day. Eight interstate highways rank first in the United States. It has 3 international ports and 407 miles of navigation. India is the only state-wide Mississippi River system through the Great Lakes and Ohio. Its port system provides international connectivity.


11. Arkansas, USA
Arkansas is located in the central region of the US mainland and is an important strategic logistics center.  At present, seven Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in Arkansas. Many foreign companies have also chosen Arkansas as their base to enter the United States. Arkansas has one of the lowest wages, tax burden and consumer index in the United States.  Land and housing prices, taxes, labor and energy costs are all lower than the national level.  CNBC named the state with the second lowest cost of doing business in the United States.  According to the US CEO magazine, Arkansas is better than New York, California, Illinois, Michigan, Washington and Luo Gang in the ranking of states suitable for doing business.  


Hope in this 11th COIFAIR, China and the United States will work together and jointly create a prosperous development of investment cooperation.